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Keeping It Clean And Pristine

Imagine a child having the time of his life, running wild on a white sandy beach, but then suddenly falling to his knees in excruciating pain.

Now imagine the source of that pain: a rusty old nail.

Never mind imagining. Sadly, it is a scenario that’s happened before along scenic Ka Iwi coastline in East Honolulu.

"... many people are leaving behind dangerous trash. Some people are burning big pallets and leaving behind the nails from those pallets on the sand. I’ve heard many horror stories of young kids stepping on nails, and that’s unacceptable!”

It’s one of many reasons that Ward has hosted an annual beach cleanup near Alan Davis Beach. This year marked the seventh community-based event.

“Every year, in celebration of Earth Day, my office organizes a beach cleanup,” explains Ward. “This year we had more than 50 people combing the sand and cleaning the area of nails, plywood, pallets and broken beer bottles. We had a great turnout!”

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