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As the District 17 Representative, Rep. Gene Ward will advance proposals in the legislature reflecting the specific needs and interests of our Hawaii Kai - Kalama Valley community.



Hawaii Kai is over-developed.  Congestion is a major and still growing problem in our community, caused by overdevelopment that exceeds the capacity of our current infrastructure of roads, sewers, the electricity grid, etc.  Gene opposes any new projects that will add even further to the overload.


Major highway projects also disrupt community life.  Gene ensured that residents’ interests were accommodated in the widening of Kalanianaole Highway in the 1990s.  He will do the same with any future projects


Gene will do all he can to see that there are no cabins on Ka Iwi.  Gene played a leadership role in defeating the proposal to build 180 “cabins” on preservation land along the Ka Iwi Coast, in concert with the Livable Hawaii Kai Hui, the Ka Iwi Coalition and the Save Sandy Beach Coalition.  He will be vigilant against any revived or new proposals that endanger this conservation area.

Gene supports increased monitoring of water quality around the islands and more rapid notice in the event of future polluting accidents.


​Gene supports the continued use of Kamilonui Valley by farmers and not sub-division developers.  He will make sure the Bishop Estate hears the wishes of the Hawaii Kai community and that the valley remains in agriculture.


Gene endorses the effort by the “Malama Maunalua” citizens group to revitalize Maunalua Bay, an effort that will require close collaboration between city, state, and federal authorities.


Vintage Bookstore

Gene supports reforming the structure of our failed educational system to:


  • Put more money in classrooms rather than the central bureaucracy,

  • Increase accountability of schools directly to their communities

  • Support Charter schools and other innovations to improve educational outcomes.


Police Cars

Gene supports the “three violent strikes” law that will put violent, repeat offenders behind bars for 30 years to life.


He supports the sex offender registry so parents can know if sexual predators move into their neighborhood.


He also supports a combination of tough sentencing and treatment programs to deal with drug addicts in our community.


Dollar Bills

Attaining this objective has several components, including:

  • Reduce the Tax Burden

    • Return a significant portion of the tax surplus to the taxpayers, as required by the State Constitution.

    • Reduce tax rates for all Hawaii taxpayers; increase the standard deduction to especially help lower-income taxpayers.

    • Remove the regressive General Excise Tax on food and medical care, two basic necessities.

  • Increase Renewable Energy

    • Support initiatives to reduce Hawaii’s dependence on foreign oil. Gene supports the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative to make Hawaii the top in the nation for clean energy.

    • Keep tax credits for homeowners who install PV systems on their roofs.

  • Economic Diversification through Small Business Development

    • Gene is a small business development specialist and will introduce tax incentives for small business growth in bio-tech, high-tech, agriculture, and other new niche industries.

    • Gene will re-invigorate and strengthen the State Legislature’s “Small Business Caucus,” which he founded with Rep. David Stegmaier in 1992. Gene will introduce legislation for less taxation and regulations that hamper the formation of new small businesses, especially new minority small businesses, and fight for more access to health care plans for micro-owned businesses


Blood Samples

Gene secured 24-hour ambulance service for Hawaii Kai, and pledges to work untiringly to preserve and improve health services for our community.​​


Gene endorses efforts to improve the cost effectiveness of our medical system by limiting excessive liability settlements, cracking down on claims abuses, and facilitating public-private partnerships to expand medical facilities.


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